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Should I buy a House with a Pool?

When people think of California, they often picture sunny days lounging by the pool with a cool drink in hand! If this is your idea of the perfect backyard activity, then a pool home is for you. But should you BUY a house with a pool? If you are currently renting, then the obvious answer is YES, you should buy a pool home. If you currently own a home, you might be tempted to just put a pool in your backyard and be done with it. Before you start digging that hole, though, consider this: in Southern California, the typical costs of a backyard pool are $45,000 – $100,000 or more according to this article in Forbes Magazine. As the author points out: don’t be fooled by the on-line ads claiming that the “average” price for an in-ground pool is $24,000 – that’s just the bait to get you in the door.

And this price is just for the pool itself! There are a number of additional items that you may want in your pool (like lights or a heater) and a number of things you need (for instance fencing is required by law.) For a more thorough list of add-ons to consider, check out this page at

How to Go About Finding a House With a Pool

It’s really quite simple:

First: Check out the homes on the list below for any that might appeal to you (you like the home, the neighborhood, etc.)

Second: Call me to schedule a time to go see them.


SEE, I told you it was simple.

How to Go About Buying a Home With a Pool


That’s easy: CALL ME!!!