Lakewood Houses For Sale

Lakewood Houses For Sale

Quintessential Suburbia

Lakewood began as a post-World War II, master planned community for military men and women after the war and the many people involved in the booming aviation industry at the time. It went from lima bean fields in 1950 to a full-fledged city 10 years later. It’s development and construction helped to revolution the mass-produced housing industry as well as define the classic “American Suburb.” The influence of this mass production is still evident today – many of the homes have kept their original configuration with several homes on just about every block having been modified by various additions but keeping the same “bones.” It was home to the first Denny’s Restaurants. And one of its biggest features is the Lakewood Center Mall – one of the largest shopping malls in the U.S.

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Things to See and Do


According to Movodo, Lakewood is THE most boring place to live in California. But to everyone who lives here, that’s a genuine compliment! The rankings were based on things like live entertainment venues, number of fast food restaurants, bars and nightclubs. And this is supposed to be the suburbs – a place to live quietly and get away from that hustle and bustle. Most of the fun in here is experienced at their many beautiful parks and community events – in fact, it was for this reason that it was also named “Most Playful City in California.” Among their annual events, the Pan Am Fiesta is their biggest. It is the city’s longest-running celebration of Pan American culture. But that’s not all, the city hosts many community events and concerts in the park, providing many hours of fun for families and friends. You can also simply create your own at one of the ten major parks for family activities, after-school programs, organized sports leagues, community gatherings, and recreation classes. Whether you need a facility to rent for an event of your own or want to let your dog run and play or maybe you want to ride a horse, there is a park for everyone here.

Schools and Services

A Unique City Model

Lakewood was incorporated on April 16, 1954 as a general law city. It was the first city in the nation to contract for all of its municipal services when it incorporated as a municipality in 1954, making it the nation’s first “contract city.” Since then, many cities have adopted this model. Today, it contracts with private firms for trash collection, signal maintenance, and street sweeping. By contract, Los Angeles County provides law enforcement, road repair, building inspection, and street light maintenance.

Schools are administered by the school districts, not by the city.  Depending on where you live, you are served by one of the following four school districts: ABC Unified, Bellflower Unified, Long Beach Unified, and Paramount Unified. For families with school-age children living at home, this may be a very important consideration in choosing your next home. Give me a call (or fill out the form to the right) and we will be sure to take that into account when finding your perfect Lakewood home!

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